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Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Site

Does your site seem slower these days? It might be some of the plugins you’re running, especially if they’re loading a lot of unnecessary scripts on every page. A lot of small tweaks can really add up too. Spend an hour of quality time on optimizing your WordPress site and you can make it load so much faster.

Get Great WordPress Support

You might be new to WordPress and are having difficulty with installing the software to your server. You might be a professional developer working on a new plugin, and a line of code is not working the way you think it should. Either way, you might need some support. This episode will outline a few ways to get help.

WordPress Theming Basics

WordPress is known for its ease of use. Many are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon to build their own website. Sometimes with no prior web design experience. On any given day, many turn to the support forums for advice on how to customize their theme. In this episode, we discuss the basics of WordPress theming.

WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is the most popular website publishing tool being used on the internet. That makes it a big target. If you’re running your site on WordPress, read on for some tips to keep your site safe.