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Episode Five: Faster WordPress

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Episode Four: Get Great Support

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Show http://www.binomo-co.in/download/ notes for the featured topic: Getting Great WordPress Support.

Episode Three: PressTags

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Episode Two: WordPress Theming Basics

The binomo-co.in/download/second episode of daWPshow is pretty much all about themes. And cat blogs. Free themes, a theme shop’s new job board, responsive design and a new feature in 3.1 round out the first part of the show. Then we’ll dig into WordPress Theming Basics. After that, a BIG thanks to the “early adopters” of the show!


Episode One: WordPress Security

The first episode of daWPshow starts off with some neat tips and recommended reading. Following that is a discussion about how to keep your WordPress site secure. Finally, I explain what you can expect from this podcast.

Here are the links to the resources and tips discussed in this episode:

  • Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

    Easily build and manage forms for your WordPress powered web site.

  • Crazy cheap linux hosting with a free CDN. Shared, VPS, and dedicated server plans available.

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